Youth is power of nation and we utilize this power for better future of nation.

Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life. In return, this activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect. There is no financial gain involved for the individual. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun. Volunteering may have positive benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community served. It is also intended to make contacts for possible employment. It is helping, assisting, or serving another person or persons without pay. Many volunteers are specifically trained in the areas they work, such as medicine, education, or emergency rescue. Others serve on an as-needed basis, such as in response to a natural disaster.
Jan Akanksha welcomes dedicated volunteers with various backgrounds, talents and skills to shape up various projects across nation. Volunteers have always been an integral part of the social journey. In fact, we have 500 youth volunteers who are trained to deliver our programs on the ground, across 4 states and districts in India! We have state offices in Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. 
We regularly assess the needs of our organization to identify meaningful opportunities for volunteers to get involved and play a productive role in our organization. Much like mentoring, volunteering is a journeys to maximize impact to Jan Akanksha and personal growth for the volunteer, a sustained engagement over a significant period of time is key.

As Swami Vivekananda rightly said : For one’s liberation, one should serve the society.

We invite following categories for our volunteer works across India.


Doesn’t matter you are alone, yes, you can make a difference. Travel here, serve here, learn here, explore India and its people like never before and see how positively life changes around you. We welcome any individual of any age group and any skill set, who is willing to volunteer in safest and affordable programmes that we have to offer you.


We do place volunteering couples on the programmes and projects that suits them the most. Our programmes are safe, affordable and provides you with an enriching experience and value addition for life.


You and your colleagues can work hand in hand with NGOs and other community organizations to change the scenario. Group volunteering can be particularly enjoyable for student groups from college or high-schools or interns or families/friends travelling together. We can make and design specific and customized programmes for you that suits and fits with your needs.


Professionals from any field are welcomed here to contribute their skill set to the society. You can chose any project of any time duration with flexible dates.

Take part in a unique 2-week Leadership Development Program with Jan Akanksha and serve the society.
Are you?
• Looking to understand and improve your leadership skills?
• Increase your ability to work within a team?
• Have the opportunity to work in a challenging environment?
• Engage and make a difference to those less fortunate than yourselves?

We provide a golden opportunity to make you a leader of future and serve the nation with your honest and better ideas. With different projects and field works you also learn the importance of teamwork in challenging environment. We also give career guidance and much other educational activity to shape up your future. You will also learn personality development and communication skills.

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