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In emergency Ambulances, provided with special medical equipment, play a major role in evacuating patients to and from the hospital.

Your little donation can make a lot of difference. Today, they need us the most. Tomorrow, we might need them the most. So, be generous!

Previous Initiatives

The year 2020 took us by a storm. A worldwide pandemic witnessed, was unheard for a century. The panic caused by this crisis was unforeseen. In such difficult situation it was the underprivileged of our society that suffered the most. The ones without food, shelter & jobs were the most vulnerable of the lot. Coronavirus that claimed millions of lives, surprisingly made us socially more conscious. This slowdown in our pace instilled in us the sense of responsibility towards our surrounding.


As reported on May 05, 2021 India has recorded 4.14 lakh new cases, the highest in the world. This increasing number of positive cases and fatalities, lack of life-saving equipment like oxygen cylinders, essential medicines, protective gear, food and ration etc is having a crumbling effect on our country. Maharashtra alone has been recording over 60,000 new cases on a daily basis. Delhi NCR has been recording over 28,000 new cases on a daily basis. Uttar Pradesh as reported on April 23, 2021 recorded a single-day spike of 37, 238 Covid-19. Currently there is serious shortage of Ambulance in India. The need for patient transport vehicle is ever rising.

Why we initiate

We are currently operational in Delhi NCR Faridabad (Haryana) Maharashtra, Mumbai, Uttra Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Goa. We observed that most of the critically ill patients were struggling to get an emergency vehicle to the hospital. With hospitals running short of beds and turning away patients, the existing ambulance drivers get caught up in driving between hospitals, with patient and their families, therefore running lesser errands than possible. Putting further pressure on the demand for emergency vehicles. The families in need keep waiting and if their pockets allow, they end up paying about 10- 20 times of the normal price, to provide just another basic facility to their loved ones. In some cases, patients have been charged Rs 8000- Rs 10000 just to cover 4-5kms.
Meanwhile The deadly COVID 19 has gripped India with daily recorded cases as high as 4,14,000 (414K) and much more remains unrecorded. Total caseload 2,15,00,000 (2.15M) The situation is grim and the one, the country wasn’t prepared for. Our health system is being challenged every day; all resources are exhausting, (medical equipment, medications, wards and practitioners) and are at the verge of collapsing. It’s time for us to step up before it crumples.

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Emergency Health Service Ambulance !!!

In today’s environment wherein the whole world is fighting with CORONA, it becomes very-very difficult for a common man to afford medical attention in need. To keep up the momentum and continuing our efforts to help mankind we are planning to start the Emergency Health Response team. The prime objective of this Emergency Health Response Team is to respond to the emergency and critical health-related issues of the community. In order to achieve this target, we are planning to have Ambulance Services. The Ambulance should be equipped with basic amenities of a health and should have the equipment to support the emergency and critical need.

Imagine you or your family member in a deep health trouble and you need an ambulance to quickly reach to the hospital and you don't get it on time.


Help Bring A Sustainable Social Change.

In this epidemic situation we struggle to provide sustainable basic healthcare facilities and dedicated ambulances for the tribal and remote area population, where organization is active. We are looking for generous donors and supporters who contribute to providing basic healthcare solutions like medicines and transport facilities ambulances.
We are looking for partnerships under CSR support with corporate industries, Social organization, Institutions and local civil-social communities. Without CSR we are facing so many challenges at grass root level in remote and slum areas in India’s. We look forward to working with more communities and expanding our work in collaboration with willing partners in all sectors. Jan Akanksha also welcomes new ideologies and joins us to implement and expand development intervention to SDGs Challenges in healthcare sectors.
Jan Akanksha is the right choice to associate your company with an experienced and diligent organisation that clearly, visibly, makes the sustainable world a better place.

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A safe hospital transportation can save lives. Donate Today!

Organisation is fundraising for a cause that is affecting all, and the one that can bring in some relief to the COVID patients and their families. We are looking to raise funds to provide ten ambulances across India for the transportation of COVID patients.

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